Craig Lesurf

Honourary Chairman of TCIC National Student Bid Competition & Vice President, Walsh Canada

TCIC bid competition puts emphasis on interpreting construction documents

The Construction Institute of Canada’s 2019 National Simulated Student Bid Competition is in full swing and the chief executive officer of this year’s contest says there is a strong focus on reading and interpreting construction documents so students are ready when they enter the real world after graduation.

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The Construction Institute of Canada’s National Simulated Student Bid Competition

News Release

The TCIC Student Bid Competition is a decades old legacy event that has paid far greater dividends than construction industry employers ever imagined possible and represents a truly unique collaboration between industry and academia. Sadly, because of the impacts of COVID-19, the bid competition has been cancelled for the year of 2021.

Our decision to cancel the 2021 Bid Competition was a difficult one as you can well imagine. What makes the bid competition unique is that the estimating and tendering protocols are real and the fact that the competition simulates the realities of the bidding and tendering process speaks volumes about the value of strategic partnerships between industry and the colleges and universities that offer construction related curriculums. For that, we are enormously grateful to all our partners.

We do not know for certain what will happen as we begin the recovery from the worst global pandemic in over 100 years, but we can tell you that there will be a simulated student bid competition in the year of 2022. In the interim, please accept our apologies for cancelling the 2021 competition and our genuine gratitude for your participation in the most unique collaboration in our industry’s history.


Faith Chen
Senior Manager, TCIC/Professional Development

About the Competition

The Simulated Student Bid Competition is a yearly event that is held in order to help students understand the real life challenges that are present within the construction bidding and estimating process. The challenge of the simulated bid competition is for students across Canada to submit complete bids based on a set of contract documents. These bids must contain quantity take offs for own forces work, a sub-trade analysis and selection, as well as an overhead and pricing summary. The bids are judged based on three criteria; most outstanding professional conduct, most accurate and complete bid package, and closest to the target price.

Winners are presented with monetary awards and plaques. Contestants that submit bids are awarded with certificates for participating in the competition.

This competition provides a learning experience for both third and fourth year students in their respective programs. The participatory aspect of the competition is filled by the third year students competing as an estimating team. Facilitating the competition will be the fourth year students.

In the past a number of schools have participated in the bid competition. Many schools have now incorporated the competition into their curriculum.

We at The Construction Institute of Canada are committed to develop and promote professionalism and excellence in the management of the construction process.

Participating Schools

If your school is interested in participating in this competition, please contact Faith Chen at:

The Construction Institute of Canada
70 Leek Cres.
Richmond Hill, Ontario
L4B 1H1