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Project Details

Winnipeg Soccer Federation North Project

The Winnipeg Soccer Federation North Project is a 162,000 sq. ft. facility located in the Garden City / Seven Oaks district of North Winnipeg and is a focal point of the multi-sport precinct for the Garden City Community Centre.

As participation in indoor sports in Winnipeg has exploded in recent years, the Winnipeg Soccer Federation sought to create a facility in Winnipeg’s north end to compliment the highly successful Subway Soccer South (formerly Winnipeg Soccer Complex) in Winnipeg’s south end at the University of Manitoba.

The design of WSF Soccer North revolves around a full-sized indoor FIFA approved pitch divided into half and quarter pitch configurations. Features include 16 field level dressing rooms and a 360 degree spectator concourse with food and beverage amenities. For a full-field ticketed match seating can accommodate up to 1200 spectators.

In addition to soccer WSF Soccer North is a multi-use indoor sports venue capable of supporting Winnipeg’s rapidly growing indoor ultimate leagues and touch football winter leagues. The facility also serves as the administrative centre for the Winnipeg Soccer Federation, and Manitoba Soccer Association. The facility was designed and constructed within a very challenging budget and schedule through a multi-partner funding platform. WSF Soccer North is one of the largest indoor soccer centres of its kind in Canada and opened in the spring of 2016, hosting the Vancouver Whitecaps (MLS) identification and training camp.

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