Queries, Requests for Information

All queries are to be submitted to the bid committee in the form of a Request for Information (RFI). A PDF form has been provided below and is to be filled out and emailed to the bid committee by pressing "Send" on the PDF form. If you choose not to press send, all RFIs are to be manually sent to the Consultant Committee at 2017communicationsdirector@gmail.com. Questions typed directly in an email body will be ignored.

The deadline for submitting an RFI is Wednesday, March 22, 2017 3:00PM EDT


Answers that reflect changes to the contract will be issued in the form of an addendum. Any response provided in a direct reply email will not constitute a change to the bidding contract. Any information provided in an email is purely informational, and is not to be considered contractual unless written and submitted as part of an addendum.


RFI Form

Please use this link to download a copy of the RFI Form. Fill in the form and send it to 2017communicationsdirector@gmail.com. For your convenience, a "Send" button has been included and, when pressed, will automatically send your form to the Consultant Committee.